To make the best system, more than 80 liberal professions have been involved in the development of Acaao liberal professions.
The result is an all-in-one user-friendly system for you who wants to do a little more for your customers, employees and yourself.

Acaao does a little extra


Your customers are welcomed by a nice modern website, they can easily find what they are looking for - whether they are using a PC, tablet or mobile phone. They will love the Accao booking system, where it is easy and quick to book an appointment.

Extremely user-friendly website and booking


We have made it easy and fast to operate everything from calendar to POS. So your employees will spend less time operating the system and more time with the customers.

More time for customers


The website presents your business in a good way on both PC, tablet or mobile. That increases your chance for converting visitors into clients.

Convert more visitors into customers

Acaao liberal professions
Gives you more customers and savings
It will show on the bottom line

Acaao gives you more

See the nice features we included in Acaao

  • Professional responsive design

    Whether your customers are using tablet, pc or smartphone, your website will be user friendly with a professional look.

    User-friendly CMS

    The system behind the website is custom designed with full focus on user-friendliness, to make it easy to use for everyone.

    Modular System - Build your pages as you want

    The website is structured in modules. Simply select the module you want to use and drag it to the desired location. Repeat until your website has all the required modules.


    he content is one of the most important elements on your website. The system therefore contains a large number of modules that ensure a nice presentation of your content.


    Most of the features you need to edit your website pages is an easy to use drag and drop system. Move the buttons, menu, modules and more.


    Create all the pages and sub-pages you need with a single click. Organize the pages with drag and drop, including your subpages in the drop down menu.


    Edit, enable, disable and delete pages with few clicks. To edit text, just click on the text and write. You see the website pages as your customers do.


    If you want large images on your website, there are many available options,jus pick an option from the sliders section. Adjust the speed of image shift and the way the image changes.

    Change colors as you like

    ou can easily change the colors of your website and save different color themes for special occasions, fx Black Friday or Christmas.


    Your website visitors can easily subscribe to your newsletter. With the newsletter feature, you can send newsletters to all or some selected subscribers.


    Tell your customers about new initiatives, services, products or other exciting things about your business.


    Keep you customers interested. Ask them to follow you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media. Just a single click on your website will keep you connected.


    Choose from the various form modules to make it easy for your customers to contact you.

    Services and products

    Create services and products without hassle. Insert texts, images, price, etc. The system autamatically create the service or product page.

    Price list

    Add your prices and the system will autamatically fill in your price list. Create, edit, disable or delete a service or product and your price list is automatically updated.

    Offers and punctual information

    If you have offers or other information you want to show from time to time, you only need to enable or disable a module.


    A Google Maps module is available on your website, use it and your customers can always find you.

    Opening hours

    Enter your opening hours and holidays, then select one of the modules that automatically show opening hours. Then your customers always knows when you are open.


    Included in the system you will find various types of galleries. You can create as many as you want, on different pages or below together menu item with drop down menu.

    Customize your website

    Remove, add, edit or select features to make the website stand out and fit you business needs.


    Optimize your pages, services and products for search engines easily, using our simple meta title, meta description and meta keyword tool.


    Every website comes with 3 business e-mail accounts (2gb). You can buy all the extra e-mail accounts and space you need


    You can tell about your services and / or products in the languages you prefer. Create the language in CMS and write your texts in the desired languages.

    Terms and policies

    The system includes standard cookie and privacy policies, and standard sales and delivery terms, so you save money on attorneys.

  • Create customers

    Your customers can create themselves or you can create customers. Customer profiles can also include children or others to whom they want to book appointments to.

    Integrated online booking

    The online booking system is fully integrated on the website. There are no pop-ups or 3rd party pages. This creates more confidence, so you do not lose customers.

    Customer login

    Safe and fast customer login. The customer logs in once and select remember me. This allows the customer to book appointments without the need for login or sms code.

    Book appointments

    The customer selects employee, treatment and time with few clicks, from an extremely user-friendly interface and receives confirmation by email or SMS.

    SMS free of charge

    When booking, a confirmation is sent by SMS and 24 hours again before the appopintment, the system sends a reminder via SMS. These SMS are free of charge!


    When booking, the customer can add comments. Fx about their allergies, special wishes or other information that may affect the treatment.

  • Day view

    See all your employees side by side on one screen for an easy overview. Move appointments between your employees with the drag and drop feature.

    Week view

    Select an employee and the appointments in the calendar for entire week on the screen. Get an overview of all the week's appointments for the employee and move appointments with the drag and drop feature.

    Week calendar

    In the calendar you can easily to book an appointment for a customer,fx 4 weeks from now. Click on the calendar, count 4 weeks and choose the day, and book the appointment - it is that easy!

    Hour view

    In the calendar you can choose to see only your opening hours or all hours of the day, this allows you to book appointments outside of opening hours if necessary.

    Employee view

    See all booked appointments, available hours, breaks, other appointments such as Private appointments and start and end time for an employee in the calendar.

    Move appointment

    All appointments are displayed in the calendar. You can drag an appointment to make it shorter or longer. Change the time of an appointment or another employee easily with drag and drop.

    Edit appointments

    In addition to moving appointments, you can edit the appointment. If fx a customer want to add or change one or more treatments, simply click on the appointment and click "edit".

    Appointment management

    An appointment can will have one of 3 colors. Blue for a booked appointment, yellow is the customer has arrived and green if the customer is done and has paid. Click on the appointment and choose arrived or finished.

    Book appointment

    Click + Appointment, or double click on the hour in the calendar of the employee you want to book the appointment for. Search for the customer and choose treatment and time.

    Free SMS

    A booked appointment is confirmed by email or SMS. 24 hours before an appointment a reminder is sent to the client via SMS, these SMS are free of charge.

    Employee directory

    You have full control over your employees' contact information, working hours, breaks and vacations with the employee's directory.

    Employee permissions

    If you wish to grant your employees access to your website CMS, either permanent or time-limited, you can give specific employees permission to part of- or the entire CMS.

    Services and treatments

    Create your services and treatments easily. Choose whether other customers should be able to book time in a break in a service or treatment.

    Categories and sub-categories

    Organize your services and treatments in categories and sub-categories so your customers can find all the services and treatments you provide easily.

    Customer directory

    You have full control of your customer's contact information, complete history, customer and employee comments, search functionality included.

  • Integrated POS

    The POS is integrated with the calendar and many of the other features so you can easily accept payments for services and products.

    User-friendly POS

    The POS itself is extremly user-friendly. You can easily change employee, scan products, select services and more.


    With the system's sales statistics, you can get a complete overview of your employees' sales.


    Recieve return items with very few clicks. This saves you, your employees and your customers time. The item gets registered in the system.


    When you receive items, you can use the barcode scanner to register the items, enter the amount and possibly the price so that the inventory is quickly updated.

    Gift Cards

    Gift certificates are created quickly and easily in the system, and it is easy to receive gift cards as payment.


    When you invite a customer or employee to a cup of coffee, it is easy to get this expense in POS.


    Offer discounts on induvidual products and services or the whole purchase, just select the discount and the system will take care of the rest.

    Scan barcodes

    Receive or sell products with a simple barcode scan, to save a lot of time and input.


    You can view your products at any time, edit, create, delete or just get an overview and see when an item is under re-order level.

    Product compositions

    Compose the itmes you want in packages, baskets or other types of offers. You will still have full control of your inventor.

    Inventory management

    Get full control of your inventory. View inventory and monitor items close to or under re-order level or maybe even sold out.


    You have complete control of which itmes you get from the different suppliers, so you can easily receive and order products.

    Statistics and reports

    Acaao contains a number of statistics and reports, so you can easily get insight into sales, inventory, employees, customers and more.

    End of day procedure

    The end of day procedure is made easy and allows you to track any differences and / or errors.


    The webshop is fully integrated with the rest the system. You can enable or disable the webshop with a single click once all products are created.


    With the webshop search functions and filters, it is easy for your customers to find the products they are looking for.


    Customers are buying more and more online and they expect it to be easy. To make it very easy, we have optimized user-friendliness so your customers quickly can get an overview of your product range.


    Once customers have found a product they would like to buy, it is important that the product is presented in a good and welcoming manner with relevant product information.


    On the product page you can show other products that match the product the customer is currently viewing. Give the customer good ideas for product combinations or recommendations.


    In order to optimize your customers' experience of the purchase process, we have reduced the checkout process to only one page. Your customers will therefore save time and enjoy how easy it is to shop in your webshop.

  • Time registration

    With Acaao Time Registration, your employees can easily record the amount of time they spend on their tasks, saving time on daily work sheets. At the same time you have full control of schedule and finances.

    Project management

    Create new projects and organize your employees to meet deadlines easily. See on a daily basis how far you have come with your projects.


    The system is very user-friendly and easy to manage, for both you and your employees. Create, edit and delete quickly, for fx assignments, employees, departments, customers, projects and categories.


    Acaao Time registration makes it easy to keep track of finances, employees, projects, and more, with statistics that give you an overview of the development of your business.


    Dine medarbejdere får deres helt egen del i systemet, så de let og hurtigt kan se deres nuværende og kommende arbejdsopgaver og hvor mange timer du har sat af til specifikke opgaver mm.

    Further development

    The Acaao time registration tool is already a good system. If you want to change to Acaao but you have a specific function in your current system you can't live without, feel free to talk to us about the possibilities for adding the functionality to the Acaao system.

  • Acaao Members Club is a brand new tyoe of addition to online systems, you can create targeted offers for both private customers and business. This means more sales and new customers.
    We have agreements with a number of suppliers who is offering great discounts to all Acaao clients. This allows you to save money on your purchases.
  • Acaao has a very special service that helps to future-proof your system. When our customers come up with a good idea to improve the Acaao system or website and it can be used by others, we will build it for free. It may be an idea for a design or a feature. Contact Acaao if you have an idea to how we can improve your / our system.
    All companies in Acaao, regardless of industry or country, may use this service. This will bring you ongoing updates to your system or website.
    We make sure your Acaao system and website are always updated. There is no need for you to update plug-ins or pay a programmer to get it done.
    With an Acaao online system or website, your business will be well-equipped - both now and in the future.
  • SMS reminders for your customers are free. This feature can save you a lot of money. If you have paid for customer SMSs, you know that it quickly can become a very expensive.
  • If you have questions, our skilled, service minded and solution-oriented employees will be ready at our hotline support. Call and ask us and we'll answer your questions so you can move on quickly.

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