April 2, 2017

A big thank you, to the more than 400 companies that helped us create Acaao - without you we could never have built such an excellent system as Acaao has become.

About 3 years ago the idea emerged. We quickly got hold of employees who would be able to lift the system to the highest level. And then we went to work. Along the way, the system and the whole concept have been continuously improved, so the result is far better than we had hoped for when we started. All those we've shown the system to have said it's the most user-friendly system they've ever tried - both the system's website, booking, calendar and POS, time registration and webshop.

User friendliness is, in general, our main priority. We've built everything so anyone can use the system and we look forward for your feedback.

The system design is responsive. You can use all online solutions on mobile, tablet and PC.

Included in the system you also get the Acaao Members Club, where you can advertise your business without additional costs, and get discounts on purchases from suppliers.

We hope you will give Acaao a warm welcome.



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